Why not a trial period for electric car

Governments are pushing for an electrification of car transportation and for good reasons: electric cars plays an important impact on environment and climate.

However most of electric cars are now owned: when I am saying “owned” I mean that either the person actually bought or he committed to a long-term rental, such as leasing.

The potential buyer is faced with a long-term binding choice that has a significant financial impact on her/his budget. The obvious question one may ask himself: am I making the right choice in term of car model? or , more broadly, is an electric car compatible with my transportation needs?

It is hard to find answers to these questions on newspaper, car review, friend advice and so on because essentially every person has its own specific needs.

In my opinion the best choice would be to be able to “try” a car for a short period. let’s say a few weeks. This would allow the individual to familiarize with the new vehicle and to use in everyday life.

A car vendor can offer some flexible, the car is rented for a fee and if the person eventually decides to buy the rental fee is deducted from car price.

Obviously there are a few consideration to be done: if at the end of trial period the customer opt not to buy the vendor is left with a partially used which it can probably sell at a lower price. Also an electric car owner needs to probably install a home recharger (even if it can be envisioned that during trial he is given access to public recharging facility)

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