Emotions are the element that makes a speech memorable

Memorable speech: a speech you have heard and keep remembering for ages. What remains is not the whole speech: it is a key phrase, a concept but mostly the emotions that the speech stirred on you.

Transmit emotions

If we do not feel the emotions in your own speech, how can we expect to transmit them to an audience?

Listen to your audience

In conferences audience is not supposed to interrupt speakers during their presentation; room for question is opened only after. However, this does not mean that speakers, during their talk, should not listen to the audience. Either they can decide to interact directly with the audience by directly asking questions, by polling by hand-raise. The critical thing is to thoroughly observe all non-verbal signals from the audience and if necessary react to them.. These signals are key indicators of reactions, the mood of the audience: boredom, interest, fascination.

Routine is the enemy of emotion

If you are commuting every day to your working place do you consider these trips exciting? If your transport system is particularly bad and your experience everyday disruptions probably yes, but this is another story…

Routine kills any emotion.

Emotions can be everywhere

Some speech topics bring themselves emotions: the eulogy for a friend who just passed away, the toast for a couple that just married. Other topics seem to demand you to suppress any emotion: business meetings, business reports.


If I have to summarize in few words:

  • think what it means to you
  • think of what I might mean to the audience
  • feel the audience when you deliver it!

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