Good article. Unfortunately I have had sometime a different interview experiences. Job interviewers would be techical people who spent most of their career inside the company and somehow got a narrow mindset. They formulated questions that reflected their company culture and expected you to provide the vey exact answer they had in mind.

Let's say that what you describe would be my dream interview but most of the time it is not the one I got.

Good article. I am a subscriber of Apple TV+ but mainly because I keep buying Apple deivce at least once per year: i would be relcutant to pay a monthly fee.I really appreciate some series like "For all mankind" and "Tehran" and some good movies but in general I am not very fond of series, I do not have too much patience and really prefer the movie. It looks that somehow Apple TV+ series are a bit specialized; for instances there a lot about the life of artists, singers (Billir Eilish, Taylor Swift) but unless you are a real fan of the artist

Excellent article!

Let me tell you my experience with BEV. I live in Switzerland nad recently bought a Tesla Model 3. Government subdized me with about 4000 USD for the car and 1000 USD for recharging equipment (wall box) at home. Apart form Tesla Supercharges in Switzerland and other countries in Europe there is an extensive network of fast and normal public chargers. I have found most of them empty. It looks like Tesla is currently dominating the BEV market particularly for what concerns memium/long range cars. Essentially the only people who ventures on long joruney are Tesla-owners and they tend to stick to Supercharers,,,,

I fully share your feeling and emotion and your inspiring speech made me live once again my journey in ToastMaster.

I have joined ToastMaster a little more than 2 years ago. Initially it was just by chance and I was not even particularly committed, it was a just a different evening twice a month. However after my "ice-breaker" things reall chnaged and I really became motivated. I am now member of 3 clubs and I really feel the difference in my social life and the way I interact with other.

My 1st Mac Mini

I am a Geek: I cannot deny it: I bought an Apple Watch Series 6 just after Keynote, I bought a Mac Mini M1 beginning of December. Today I am talkin about the Mac Mini

Let me say the impression so far is quite positive.I have ended up picking a 8 GB RAM — 512 GB internal disc size. I had been tempted to go for the 16 GB RAM configuration , remembering the sluggishness of my iMac experiences so far; however the larger delivery time and a conversation with Apple customer support pushed me to eventually pick the 8…

Emotions are the element that makes a speech memorable

Memorable speech: a speech you have heard and keep remembering for ages. What remains is not the whole speech: it is a key phrase, a concept but mostly the emotions that the speech stirred on you.

Memories are always bound with emotions. The most memorable events of your life are events filled with deep feelings: the wedding day, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, graduation at university. We remember things because they were exceptional, unique events that appealed to something inside ourselves.

The same truth applies to speeches; if we are incapable of transmitting emotions…

Sound of silence is a famous song by Simon & Garfunkel and you probably know the film “The Graduate”. as well. It is a typical paradox quote, how can something that is the opposite of noise have a sound?

Let’s step back a little. I am a member of Toastmaster International. When I or somebody else in our club delivers a speech there is somebody, the “Ah counter” who counts all non-verbal sounds such as Aah, so, but, and,..). I am usually among the winners in this category, the ones who use them the most.

I do really want to…

Statement of the problem

In my profession I develop libraries of tools (mainly Python scripts). Flexibility to reuse scripts across different projects results in a large number of switches/options.

In Python options are normally passed:

  1. from the command-line,
  2. from a configuration file
  3. by a combination of the #1 and #2

In my case the large number of options makes solution #1 impractical; solution #2 might look a better choice. However I eventually opted for #3 so that command-line can be used to override values of configuration file.

Defining requirements

The order of priority (lowest to highest) in which parameters values are taken into consideration should therefore…

Governments are pushing for an electrification of car transportation and for good reasons: electric cars plays an important impact on environment and climate.

However most of electric cars are now owned: when I am saying “owned” I mean that either the person actually bought or he committed to a long-term rental, such as leasing.

The potential buyer is faced with a long-term binding choice that has a significant financial impact on her/his budget. The obvious question one may ask himself: am I making the right choice in term of car model? …

Esperanto flag (source Wikimedia)


I am not Esperanto guru, in fact I do not even speak Esperanto; this article is therefore not meant to teach any Esperanto. I would rather share concepts and idea behind. For a long time Esperanto for me had been nothing more “an attempt to create an universal language”, a curiosity, . Then a day I got to know a person who is an expert and decided to learn a bit more…

Since,as mentioned, I am not an expert if you think something is incorrect, wrong or ever please feel free to comment!

Historical background

Maurizio Spadari

Electronic Engineer with a passion for programming, Wireless communication, Internet of Things and others…

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